Creating Flora Milestone Blanket

Hey Loves! Thanks for stopping by!  As I was updating my blog, I was inspired to share why I created Flora, and the inspiration behind it.  It’s so amazing how our daily life interactions with family and friends can inspire us when we least expect it.

So the creative journey begins…

I created Flora, with the inspiration of the Eucalyptus Plant and the added beauty of vibrant florals.

Floral Baby Milestone Blanket B07CLGB95Y

When I embarked on the journey to create our Flora Blanket, I deeply wanted to capture the unique beauty of the Eucalyptus Plant.  Thinking back, I was first introduced to this plant by my great-aunt, Delia. She’s like a grandmother to me; so sweet with a gentle heart. Every time I would visit her, she would love to give me her handmade creations; soaps, oils and on this special day a eucalyptus plant. I adored it for many years. I truly thank my Aunt Delia for placing this plant in my heart as it led in my focus and vision for this beauty of a blanket, Flora!

I hope you enjoy this design for your Baby Milestone Blanket. Please share your thoughts and comments down below. Thanks for visiting us and I hope we will connect soon!



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