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If you’re looking for some guidance on what foods you can introduce to your little one, I feel your pain! With so many happenings going on after birth, we can all use a little help.  After 3 lovely and healthy kids, I hope my experience can offer some advice for all the new mommy’s out there.  Keep in mind, my tips are only suggestions taken from my personal experience as a mom. Every family and baby is different so always consult and double check with your pediatrician for proper nutrition advice.

Welcome to the wonderful world of baby food! Making baby food can be easy, I promise! With a little time management, preparation and patience, you’ll be a baby food making mommy in no time!

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Most babies begin eating soft purred foods by the time they reach 4-6 months. When I began to introduce my son’s first foods, I chose organic grains.  Organic options are readily available these days and even more affordable than before. One option is to purchase organic oats and grind them in a baby food mill grinder. I used the Baby Bullet Set, which helped me a ton and it came with a grain grinder.

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Make sure to make enough for the month and keep it tightly sealed in a container. I personally used large mason jars and labeled it with the date. When I didn’t have time to grind oats, I used Organic Multi-Grain blend, which already comes finely ground.  My favorite brand was Earth’s Best Organic Multi-Grain Cereal. You can find the perfect pair on Amazon – Earth’s Best Organic Baby Cereal.Earth's Best Organic Baby Cereal

To make your baby cereal, first warm your baby’s milk, then mix cereal and milk together in a small bowl. Use enough milk to make the consistency thin and smooth. When you initially introduce baby food to your baby, keep in mind the consistency of the cereal should be thin so your baby can easily swallow. As your baby grows to 6-7 months you can add more cereal and less milk so the cereal can be thicker.Homemade baby food puree, first foods

Around 4-6 months you can also introduce a single vegetable puree, such as sweet potatoes or butternut squash. With fall weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect season to get beautiful in season vegetables from your local farmers market!  I find roasting vegetables in the oven preserves its natural flavors, or you can steam them too. magic bullet baby food steamer

There are many baby steamer options these days. A popular choice is The Magic Bullet Turbo Steamer.  You can find it here for $29.99 –Magic Bullet Turbo Steamer by Baby Bullet. Another great multi-use option is the BEABA Baby Cook 4 in 1 Steamer . For a simple guide in how to make baby food puree, check my blog post all about it Here: How to Make Organic Baby Food.Beaba Baby food steamer

Mom Pro Tip:  Always keep your baby food blender and supplies separate from your personal use to avoid cross contamination. You’ll be surprised what leftovers linger in our blenders after we use them. You really don’t want anything leaching into your baby food!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t introduce fruits first, it’s because they’re naturally sweet and I wanted to avoid foods with high sugar all together. Some may argue that fruit have natural sugars; keep in mind our bodies digest all sugars types the same way. Plus sugar can become very addictive and over power our baby’s taste buds.  To be honest, I just wanted to create an enjoyable experience with vegetables first, then move on to fruits later.  When you finally introduce fruits, it will surely be a treat, but hey, just give veges some love first!

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Every time you introduce your baby to a new vegetable and fruit, allow 3 – 5 days for your baby to enjoy it and also look out for allergies. If you introduce too many foods in the same week, it can become difficult to identify any potential allergic reactions.  The main signs to look out for are diarrhea and rashes anywhere on the baby’s body, particularly around the mouth, throat, stomach, and bottom area.

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As your babe reaches 7 months, evaluate how your baby is feeding.  Gauge whether your babe is ready to graduate to proteins, such as chicken, turkey, and tofu.  Another indicator is if they have 2-4 teeth growing in.

Some babies begin eating proteins at 6-months! Don’t worry; there is no need to compare your sweet baby to another baby. Every precious baby is unique and feeding will be dependent on pediatrician’s recommendations and each family’s feeding customs.

baby bullet12

To make a delicious protein-rich baby food puree, it’s similar to making a vegetable puree. You can boil turkey breasts or chicken breasts in low sodium chicken broth or filtered water. After the protein is fully cooked, remove from boiling water and cool to room temperature. Combine protein with water and blend into the desired consistency.  During the first week of feeding, look out for any signs of an allergy.  After a successful trial, you can then combine it with your baby’s favorite vegetables.  Sweet Potatoes and Chicken go well together. Another healthy meal is Spinach, turkey, and brown rice.  Some nice fruit combinations are apples and spinach, bananas and blueberries, and my favorite pears, green beans, and bananas!



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I hope you found these baby feeding tips helpful.  Throughout the year, I will bring you more baby and toddler recipes. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us using @ellohomebaby with your photos, comments and ideas! We would love to know what you thought about these tips and recipes, leave a comment below so other moms can know too! Sharing is Caring! Until next time my fellow ELLO HOMIES!

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