Thanks for stopping by! In my most recent post, I shared my Favorite Baby Books for new Moms to have in 2018! Are you curious to know which books made the list?  I hope you enjoy. Please share with everyone which baby books are  your fave in the comments below....we would love to know!


Top 20 Baby Books of 2018

Hey Loves! Thanks for stopping! If you're looking for the top baby books in 2018, you've come to the right place.  I remember when my 2 older kiddies were only babies; I would read to them every night. Reading created a calm atmosphere and became a significant part of our bedtime routine. I strongly believe reading to your baby is an iimportant developmental exercise for your little one. Introducing letters, numbers, colors, images, language, inference, and object-word associations is essential to their developing minds. There are many wonderful, engaging books that I want to share with you! We gathered the very best baby books available for you to read to your children, in no particular order. Most of them are on my favorites list and others are highly recommended by other parents. I hope you enjoy this amazing list of children's books!